My Story.
I have been restoring, reproducing and re-inventing furniture and decorative objects since 1980. I have worked with many of Vancouver's top interior designers and antiques dealers as well as private clients throughout Western Canada.
My work has appeared in magazines such as Architectural Digest, House and Home, Western Living, on The HG Channel, and numerous articles in several local newspapers.
When restoring and finishing furniture and decorative arts, I will only use techniques and materials that are sensitive to the age, patina and original design of the piece. In this way the value and integrity is never compromised. I have researched and studied methods, materials and techniques going as far back as the Renaissance.
I design and build my reproductions paying strict attention to techniques and methods that are true to the period, also tapping into my knowledge and extensive library on antique furniture. I will often, where practical, use 18th and 19th century wooden planes from my extensive collection of vintage and antique tools. Each piece is then appropriately, and to the client's wishes, aged and finished in such a way that my reproductions are usually thought to be original antiques.
Most of my finish and surface treatment examples that you see here under Custom Finishes have been created for specific clients and jobs. While others are me just getting creative and having fun. This is especially true of my mixed media art work. These works can range from a small piece for a powder room to a wall size commercial installation.
There are no limits to the imaginative collaboration between myself and my clients.
You are more than welcome to visit the shop and meet with me and my staff and have a look at whatever project or projects we are working on.
Come back regularly to this site for new additions to my catalogue of work.
And feel free to pass this link along to your friends or clients.

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